In between the moments

Who decides,
the next moment
Does it wait for me
Or do I seek?

When do I exit
the past
and enter the present
I wonder?

If I do move
from the past
to the present,
what do I traverse?

From the past
to the destination
That is now
Where do I exist?

Does that journey
in between
go without noticing
As if in a sleep?

That state between
the then and now
Is the place
Beyond then and now.

I have left the last one
I can see the next moment
In between lies
An abyss wide and deep.

here I pause
In between the moments
For a little while
That’s where is forever.

5 am

Just in time
With the sun
Or some time
a bit before

I rise
From a blissful sleep
Or sometimes
a tumultuous one

Meeting the day
Or sometimes
a bit groggy

Off the bed
With purpose
Or sometimes
Just laying down

A cup of coffee
a moment staring at window
or sometimes
Hitting the snooze

Its another day
We just met
I think we like each other
It would be fun

Ek sham guzri khushi ke saath

एक शाम गुज़री
साथ ख़ुशी के
बहुत हंसे
ठहाके लगा के

लायी एक तोहफ़ा
एक मुस्कुराहट
एक हँसी
ख़ुशी अपने आँचल में छिपा के

कई बातें कही
कुछ उसकी सुनी
कहा सिर्फ़ जो अच्छा लगे
बाक़ी सब मन में छिपा के

गरम हाथों से छुआ
दिलों की गहराइयों को
बैठे साथ साथ जो
हाथों में उसका हाथ लेके

एक नमी सी महसूस की
मुस्कुराहट के पीछे
ग़म की परछाईं दिखाई दी
जाने जो लगी, ख़ुशी यूँ मूड के

एक शाम गुज़री
साथ ख़ुशी के
बहुत हंसे
अपना ग़म छिपा के

Nayi dosti

फिर अजनबी हैं
मुलाक़ात का
मौक़ा ढूँढेंगे
जान पहचान का
बहाना ढूँढेंगे
वो सहमी नज़र,
उस मुस्कराहट का
इशारा ढूँढेंगे
नयी दोस्ती है
मोहब्बत का नया
फ़साना ढूँढेंगे

The string full of memories

There must be a memory
which you don’t remember
There must be a ‘present’ in the past
That you never lived

They lie there
Beyond your reach
In the opposite direction
Of the arrow of time

But this step
Is where you stand
Real and now
Is where the moment waits

The stairs go up
to the stars in your eyes
C’mon take the step
And pick up the stride

Yes it’s within reach
Just need to jump and grab
There no other moment than this one
Where there is a full life to be lived

The life lived
Is a string of memories
I am making a necklace
Will not miss a single pearl

The keyboard of life

WordPress pictures

Each press of finger
Puts a letter on screen
On their own they are just a sound
Together they make sense
The letters make sound

Some words are small
Easy to spell and simple
Some are long and complicated
Tongue twisters and sophisticated
The words make meaning

Each having a same purpose
To convey a meaning
As a string in the sentence
That’s part of the larger story
The sentence make statements

Like the letter needs a word
words needs a sentence
The sentence is not in isolation
It also needs a story
Sentences string up story

In the book they all live
Each at their own place
Ignored individually
Collectively remembered
Story lives in a book

Each of us are just a key
On a keyboard of life
appearing in different words
Making meaning in being together
We live in our relationships