Two stranger eyes

Two eyes meet
Strangers are they both
The gaze stay a bit longer
Each mind sees and knows

Each eye mirroring
the person inside
Both sad and forlorn within
What the cloths failed to hide

No recognition
None of the worldly relations
The fleeting moments,
Were their only connections

In the intersecting moments
Two lives converged
two forlorn eyes connected
No rich no poor

The moments passed
Two Lives separated
Living their own scripts
Strangers once more

Mera dost Andhera

रात आयी तो
अंधेरा भी साथ आया है
दिन के उजाले में
कहाँ उससे मिलना हो पाया है

दिन के उजाले में
रोशनी के पीछे
शर्मिला सा, सहमा सा
छुपा रहता है शायद

दिन की तपती धूप से राहत की
चादर लाया है अंधेरा
दोस्तों से मिल बैठने का
माहौल भी लाया है ये अंधेरा

चाँद को साथ लिए
कुछ रोशनी भी लाया है
टिमटिमाते तारों से
हर पल को सजाया है

उजाला भी दोस्त है उसका
जुड़वा भाई जो ठहरा
मिलते रहते हैं वो दोनो
खूबसूरत क्षितिज पर सुबह शाम

हर जगह साथ हैं
हर पल मौजूद हैं
एक होने में है
एक खोने में है

जब मिला उस अंधेरे से
अपना सा उसे पाया
बड़ी ग़लत फ़हमी थी पहले
बात हुई तो सच साफ़ नज़र आया

कुछ मेरी तरह है वो
कभी संजीदा, कभी सरल
मेरा दोस्त है अंधेरा
मेरा साया है अंधेरा

Closer to Core

Spinning like a top
Constantly in motion
edges moving faster
Slowly moves the core

If I would stop
I would fall
Fearful of not spinning
Afraid, of being ‘me’ no more

On pointed end
I hang in balance
Forever in pursuit
drilling through the floor

Force of the chord
would eventually expire
inevitable would happen
Spinning top would spin no more

With the last wobble
The top falls
It lays down on its sides
No longer on its toes

As I lay down calm
Spining no more
My being was still
Closer to my core

Trespassers will be prosecuted

The roads slashes
the jungle half,
creating two sides
of one whole mass
dozers scrape brutally
Tonsuring the soil

Divide was clean and brutal
molten tar scorched the earth
the sign post
proclaims in triumph
conquest of the civilised
over the wild

Speeding iron beasts honk
Striking fear in humble wild hearts
Unseen crawlers are crushed
spinning rubber show no remorse
The grazer were confined
Split on either side

the hunger drive
is seldom stemmed
Fear is subdued
by the blinding hunger
The hooves stroll unaware
guided by greener pastures
Lying beyond the tarred line

The wild one steps on to the strip
owned apparently by the civilised
Fatally miscalculating
the speed and distance
two beings clash
Splattering brains and blood
on the rigid black earth
The body is limp
and the hunger is no more

The road sign was clear
“Trespassers will be prosecuted”
The warning was not heeded
punishment meted out instantly
Who is the trespasser?
Who is the prosecutor?
Road is now there
Where the forest was