ingress of the unseen
a touch of another
From one of us
Inadvertent and unknowing

In us it resides
In me it thrives
In me it lives
Unseen and undetected

I change
It changes me
it’s presence within
makes me a threat
Avoided and Detested

To be locked
From others as me
To save the rest
Till it dies within
Confined and protected

It is stopping us
From being what we are
to be human, to be social
We live Confined
Afraid and dejected

It’s not the disease
It’s not our body
It’s our minds
I am afraid
affected and infected

Social Distancing

शायद मुमकिन नहीं
फिर भी कोशिश कर लेता है
ये दिल, समझता ही नहीं है

मर्ज़ ऐसा है
की दूरी है
दिलों की करीबी कुछ कम तो नहीं

दूर हो
फिर भी तुम्हारा साथ है
ये भी कुछ कम तो नहीं है

There somewhere lies the story

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In the closed book
Lies a story
Of past memories
mixed with fantasy

Eyes read the written
Words conjure the picture
Mind weaves the stories
Some regular, some crazy

In that lies that white house
with that fence, bright green
Those flowers in the garden
Rose, lily, daffodils and daisy

Those thoughts and feelings
Anger, envy and love
Those relations and conversations
Some silent, some noisy

That gentle touch
And that savage grope
The cold and the warmth
Sometime harsh, sometime cozy

The two minds meet
The writer and the reader
On the pages, in the closed book
And there somewhere lies the Story

The brand new year

A year
Comes to an end
Another auspicious round
Culminates into a new

Around the fiery nourisher
Riding safely
On the gracious lap
Of the Maternal blue

Among the many stars
In the vast space unconfined
A speck
in the grand cosmos

Yet carrying
a whole world Within
Of hope and fear
Of gain and loss

Gloating on a triumph
Fretting on a setback
Worrying for an expectation
to happily live ever after

Celebrating a finite moment
On a strip of time
Unending and infinite
Stretching before and after

For now
in this moment
we embark
on a journey new

Of hope
and cheer
It’s another year
And it’s Brand new

Happy 2022 🍾