In between the moments

Who decides,the next momentDoes it wait for meOr do I seek? When do I exitthe pastand enter the presentI wonder? If I do movefrom the pastto the present,what do I traverse? From the pastto the destinationThat is nowWhere do I exist? Does that journeyin betweengo without noticingAs if in a sleep? That state betweenthe thenContinue reading “In between the moments”

5 am

Just in timeWith the sunOr some timea bit before I riseFrom a blissful sleepOr sometimesa tumultuous one Meeting the dayFreshOr sometimesa bit groggy Off the bedWith purposeOr sometimesJust laying down A cup of coffeea moment staring at windowor sometimesHitting the snooze Its another dayWe just metI think we like each otherIt would be fun

Ek sham guzri khushi ke saath

एक शाम गुज़रीसाथ ख़ुशी केबहुत हंसेठहाके लगा के लायी एक तोहफ़ाएक मुस्कुराहटएक हँसीख़ुशी अपने आँचल में छिपा के कई बातें कहीकुछ उसकी सुनीकहा सिर्फ़ जो अच्छा लगेबाक़ी सब मन में छिपा के गरम हाथों से छुआदिलों की गहराइयों कोबैठे साथ साथ जोहाथों में उसका हाथ लेके एक नमी सी महसूस कीमुस्कुराहट के पीछेग़म की परछाईंContinue reading “Ek sham guzri khushi ke saath”

Nayi dosti

फिर अजनबी हैंमुलाक़ात कामौक़ा ढूँढेंगेजान पहचान काबहाना ढूँढेंगेवो सहमी नज़र,उस मुस्कराहट काइशारा ढूँढेंगेनयी दोस्ती हैमोहब्बत का नयाफ़साना ढूँढेंगे

The string full of memories

There must be a memorywhich you don’t rememberThere must be a ‘present’ in the pastThat you never lived They lie thereBeyond your reachIn the opposite directionOf the arrow of time But this stepIs where you standReal and nowIs where the moment waits The stairs go upto the stars in your eyesC’mon take the stepAnd pickContinue reading “The string full of memories”

The keyboard of life

Each press of fingerPuts a letter on screenOn their own they are just a soundTogether they make senseThe letters make sound Some words are smallEasy to spell and simpleSome are long and complicatedTongue twisters and sophisticatedThe words make meaning Each having a same purposeTo convey a meaningAs a string in the sentenceThat’s part of theContinue reading “The keyboard of life”