Rules of the game (Dharma)

Every game has a ruleIf you decide to play the gameYou must followThat is the rule Rules decides who winsAnd who losesYou must accept the resultsThat is how it works The rules form the matrixOver which the game is playedGame cannot exist without itThe rule is the root The rule connects the playersIn the game,Continue reading “Rules of the game (Dharma)”

I will live my life tomorrow

Weary eyes squintafter an uneasy nightas the unfaithful curtains let in the unforgiving sunlight,sips from the bitter cup of coffeepush the dreams to the fringeushering in, the real worldfast enough to make you cringe,Lets get up and runthere’s a lot to be doneToday, there’s a schedule to followWait,I’ll live my life tomorrow Hurried footsteps overContinue reading “I will live my life tomorrow”

Tumhare liye ab bhi wahin hoon

तुम वहीं होमेरे लिएअब भी वही हो बड़ी हो गयी होमेरे लिएअब भी वही हो हर वक्त इस दहलीज़ पे मिलूँगातुम्हारे लिएअब भी वहीं हूँ चाहे जहां भी होमेरा अंश हो, मुझसेअब भी जुड़ी हो

Tumse main hoon

तुम अलग नहींतुम मुझमें होआपस में कोईफ़ासला नहीं एक मुलाक़ातबरसों पहले हुई थीपहली मुलाक़ातबादलों में हुई कभी सफ़र सदियों का हैराह साथ गुज़ारी हैज़िंदगी की रेत परकदमों के निशान दो नहीं साथ जो गुज़राहर लम्हा बेमिसालअसल में या ख़्वाबों मेंतुम्हारे बिना कोई पल नहीं नाम जुड़ गया हैख़्वाब और उम्मीदें जुड़ गयीं हैंएक हस्ती हैमेरीContinue reading “Tumse main hoon”

The green tent

There stood a tentWith the colour so greenon the side of the roadSomewhere in between Some just passed bySome stopped to seeFor it never stopped anyonejust waited in the shadow of the tree The wind straining on the fabricPickets fixing the tent to the groundResisting the urge to fly awayWaiting forever to be found ItContinue reading “The green tent”

Swirl in the Rain

Swirl of the umbrella Spinning the rain drops Making that dance Oh what a spectacle! I stopped as the crowd gathered Suddenly Aware of my self The umbrella continued to swirl My feet fell silent, stuck in my shackle. My eyes filled with shame I did what I shouldn’t have Each accusing eye, a strangerContinue reading “Swirl in the Rain”