Cracking the JEE

The admit cards, the passport size picture and the government approved ID were checked before we got into the car. These, at least would get us into the ring. The ingredient to crack the bout was presumed to be stacked in the nearest location on the RAM in the CPU of the brain for quickContinue reading “Cracking the JEE”

We want to be slaves

Freedom! Freedom! Chanted the revolutionaries as they marched resolutely against the oppressors. …And one day they were free. That should be the end, isn’t it? But then it is not. Its a new order. But it still isn’t free. Freedom is elusive. They could not find it. They continue their struggle. Did they really wantContinue reading “We want to be slaves”

Hey Welcome!!! My dear new year

A new year A powerful yet artificial human construct Seperating past from the future A new year an opportunity to start afresh. To renew our quest for a fulfilling life, leaving the baggage Of the past behind. As the year turns new May we move forth, enabled with pleasant memories of the wonderful year goneContinue reading “Hey Welcome!!! My dear new year”

हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें

इतवार तो कैलेंडर पे लिखा शब्द है उसका इतना इंतज़ार क्यूँ हफ्ता पड़ा है जीने को आज से इतनी मायूसी क्यूँ शायद फुर्सत का इंतज़ार है पर किस बात से फुर्सत? इसकी मालुमात नहीं क्या पता किस आराम कि ख्वाहिश है और किस आराम से आज कल अछे तालुकात नहीं कभी सोने कि कोशिश मेंContinue reading “हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें”

Different dawn of the same long night

The night was long He was tired but did not dare to yawn He had not slept It was already dawn The bullet whistled as it arrived. It had found its mark Mercilessly it pierced, all the way to the beating heart Punctured but it kept on beating slowly draining away the life It wasContinue reading “Different dawn of the same long night”

अपने कल का कलाकार

यादों का क्या अतीत का आईना है। अतीत का क्या यादों ने ही पिरोया है। कुछ याद रहा कुछ भूल गया। कुछ याद रखा कुछ भुला दिया। मेरा अतीत मेरा है मैंने बनाया है मेरा भविष्य मेरा है मैंने बनाना है आईना साफ़ है कोई शिकन नहीं कदम पे मायूसी कि बेड़ियाँ भी नहीं नाContinue reading “अपने कल का कलाकार”


The rubber tried to hold on to the tar, but it was a losing battle. The speed was too high and time too less. Umesh was distracted by the message on the mobile as he executed the turn on the hilly serpentine road to Manali. Swathi slept peacefully as many events crowded into the lastContinue reading “Inheritance”

सफर का नशा

मदहोश नशे में, मदमस्त चल पडे़ थे जुनून का नशा था, हसीन ख्वाब लिए चल पड़े थे काम का बोझ तो गहरा था दिन-रात का फर्क भी खो चुका था पर एक सुरूर सा आ रहा था एक मस्ती का मंज़र था फिर एक दिन, अफसोस अपनी मंज़िल से टकरा गए खुशी की उम्मीद थीContinue reading “सफर का नशा”

Buoyancy of Joy

I hate myself!! Mukti spoke aloud. The utterance did not even make a ripple in the green surface of the still water in the pond. She did crave for appreciation but she never expected so much hate from her colleagues. It was as if they were waiting for the opportune moment for the hate toContinue reading “Buoyancy of Joy”