Meri parchai dhoondhta hoon inme

उन ऊँचाइयों से देखा हैज़िंदगी को उड़ते हुएहवाओं का रुख़ जिस तरफ़ थाउसी रुख़ बहते हुए सूरज को ढलते देखा हैडूबते क्षितिज को रंगते हुएजैसा रंग खुद का थाउसी रंग में घुलते हुए पानी को बहते देखा हैठहरे पथरों पर छलाँगे भरते हुएजिस तरफ़ उसका अंत थाउसी समंदर की तरफ़ मदमस्त बहते हुए रोशनी कोContinue reading “Meri parchai dhoondhta hoon inme”

Work in Progress

Debris strewn Scaffoldings fixed All preparations are in place The sign is up for all to see The work is in progress The stones and shingles, reunite in the rolling concrete separated from their mighty father By exploding holes, filled with fire The work is in progress Machines still obey The hands that push theContinue reading “Work in Progress”

Tree Stands Tall

Tree stands tallwhere the seed fellrooted to the groundThere lies it’s existence Roots dig deeperNourishing the growing treeBinding it to the spotThere lies it’s existence Wind brought the seedRain drops buried itTree had no roleThere lies it’s existence Wind that brought itTries to take it placesTree stays, heavily rootedThere lies it’s existence It is rootedStuckContinue reading “Tree Stands Tall”

In the clouds there lies a castle

In the clouds There lies a castle Fluffy and white With the roof of blue sky It floats in air Grand and light There are rooms in plenty All airy and bright The balcony extends Over where the moon waits Oh what a sight You can eat as much you want And whatever you wishContinue reading “In the clouds there lies a castle”

The rock splits the river

The rock splitsthe river in twoWhy did you do that?The rock was askedI am big and strong it repliedThat is why! The river flows on either sideLetting the rock be in the centreWhy did you do that?The river was asked.I flow eternallyThat is why! The rock won, they all criedRiver sang gleefullyRock is rooted, IContinue reading “The rock splits the river”