Winding Roads

Winding roadsturn left and rightHugging closeto the mountain side Descending graduallysometimes steepmoving fast at timesSometimes just a creep River keeps it companyFlowing alongGushing water humsIts favourite song Destination isn’t farValley is plain and wideRoads are wide tooNow straighter and wise Through twists and turnsstraight roads and bendsThe roads stays thereThe journey ends


किसी ने की कोशिशदो कदम चलने कीउस नुक्कड़ पर फिर से मिलने कीकोई कदम पहुँचे ही नहीं किसी ने की कोशिशलिखे ख़त को पड़ने कीपन्नो पे महके अल्फ़ाज़ समझने कीकुछ ख़त लिफ़ाफ़ों से निकले नहीं किसी ने की कोशिशदबी आवाज़ को सुनने कीअनकहे लफ़्ज़ों को समझने कीकुछ शोर अनसुने ही रहे किसी को सुनाई दियाकिसीContinue reading “Koshish”

Let’s paint the fence

Fence separatesthe insideFrom what liesOn the outside What stays within it’s boundOr What lies outsideIt’s not for the fenceto judge or decide It stays on the fringeIn touch with either sideNot the one to connectOnly built to divide It’s one fenceWith two sidesOne is with the insideOne faces the outside One side restrictsThe other sideContinue reading “Let’s paint the fence”

Closer to Core

Spinning like a topConstantly in motionedges moving fasterSlowly moves the core If I would stopI would fallFearful of not spinningAfraid, of being ‘me’ no more On pointed endI hang in balanceForever in pursuitdrilling through the floor Force of the chordwould eventually expireinevitable would happenSpinning top would spin no more With the last wobbleThe top fallsItContinue reading “Closer to Core”

My heart needs a bath

I need a bathSoap and frothSpray of waterA scrub and wash Body wearyFull of grimeHeart ladenWith hate and crime Some I likeOthers I hateCage of destinyBind of fate Happy momentsBrings a smileSad ones followAfter a short while Full of anguishString of regretsMissed opportunitiesAnd some lost bets I carry the burdenMemories from the startFurrows on theContinue reading “My heart needs a bath”