happy story

The old book is filledwith some happy and some sad wordsstorybook of 2020 is archived fresh note book arriveswith 365 fresh-smelling pagesPages waiting expectantly to be filled with your words let’s take the new book, smell the fresh pages work up a fun appetitethat should last an year, so that when we look back atContinue reading “happy story”

sometime fast, sometimes slowly

The time is in plentyIt moves pretty slowlyWedging on the couchI turn on the tellyTed Mosby is a romantic foolRobin realises her follyToby leaves for Costa RicaMicheal Scott gets married to HollyGlued on Star World,I am enjoying it, by gollyOld Monk mixed with CokeThe concoction makes me JollyLife is movingsometime fast, sometimes slowly

I am the dusk

I am the duskthen it will be darkfiery ball coolsweary of the scorching daysliding down rapidlypulling the rays downpausing briefly at the rimJust for one last look at its creationbefore it is nightlast stroke of golden brushpaints the sky crimsonI am the duskslowly turning darklast rays lingers on my wingswarming it up, keeping it aliveitContinue reading “I am the dusk”