The dream of Democracy

The dream of democracyUtopian it may be,but full of hope… it is. Many voicesthrough one,a dream it may bebut full of hope… it is Virtuous leader emergeReflecting the voicesChaotic fairness it may be,but full of hope… it is Power to the peopleThrough the will of peopleFor the wish of the peopleIdealistic it isbut full ofContinue reading “The dream of Democracy”

The din would stop

The din would stopThe clamour would ceaseIn the calm that followsYou will find me And when you doPromise me you shallBe true in what you doTrue in what you be For what you areIs because of meFor what you must beis what they see You will recogniseI haven’t changedIn the changing timesI have remained SteadfastContinue reading “The din would stop”

Khwabon ka zayaka

ज़ायक़ा शायदवैसा ही होगाजैसा चखा थाउन महकते ख़्वाबों में बदन की ख़ुशबूमन की महकजुड़ से गए हैंइन सिसकती साँसों में असल और ख़्वाबमें फ़रकथोड़ा धुंधला गया हैइन उलझे ख़यालों में भूल गया हूँक्या सच है क्या ख़्वाब हैमगन हूँ में बसउन साँचे एहसासों में एक निवाला प्यार काशिद्दत से चखा हैअसल का तो पता नहींशायदContinue reading “Khwabon ka zayaka”

Albatross sails

The albatross sailsover the stormy seaFrom the lofty heightsstorm is a spectacle to see The feathers flutterthe icy winds opposeBut it flies calmFocussed on the purpose it knows The keen eyes searchFor food belowIt flies highSometimes it swoops low To find something to eat,And some in the beak to storeTo feed the hungry little mouthsWaitingContinue reading “Albatross sails”


ingress of the unseena touch of anotherFrom one of usInadvertent and unknowing In us it residesIn me it thrivesIn me it livesUnseen and undetected I changeIt changes meit’s presence withinmakes me a threatAvoided and Detested To be lockedFrom others as meTo save the restTill it dies withinConfined and protected It is stopping usFrom being whatContinue reading “Infected”

There somewhere lies the story

In the closed bookLies a storyOf past memoriesmixed with fantasy Eyes read the writtenWords conjure the pictureMind weaves the storiesSome regular, some crazy In that lies that white housewith that fence, bright greenThose flowers in the gardenRose, lily, daffodils and daisy Those thoughts and feelingsAnger, envy and loveThose relations and conversationsSome silent, some noisy ThatContinue reading “There somewhere lies the story”