Two stranger eyes

Two eyes meetStrangers are they bothThe gaze stay a bit longerEach mind sees and knows Each eye mirroringthe person insideBoth sad and forlorn withinWhat the cloths failed to hide No recognitionNone of the worldly relationsThe fleeting moments,Were their only connections In the intersecting momentsTwo lives convergedtwo forlorn eyes connectedNo rich no poor The moments passedTwoContinue reading “Two stranger eyes”

Mera dost Andhera

रात आयी तोअंधेरा भी साथ आया हैदिन के उजाले मेंकहाँ उससे मिलना हो पाया है दिन के उजाले मेंरोशनी के पीछेशर्मिला सा, सहमा साछुपा रहता है शायद दिन की तपती धूप से राहत कीचादर लाया है अंधेरादोस्तों से मिल बैठने कामाहौल भी लाया है ये अंधेरा चाँद को साथ लिएकुछ रोशनी भी लाया हैटिमटिमाते तारोंContinue reading “Mera dost Andhera”

Trespassers will be prosecuted

The roads slashesthe jungle half,creating two sidesof one whole massdozers scrape brutallyTonsuring the soil Divide was clean and brutalmolten tar scorched the earththe sign postproclaims in triumphconquest of the civilisedover the wild Speeding iron beasts honkStriking fear in humble wild heartsUnseen crawlers are crushedspinning rubber show no remorseThe grazer were confinedSplit on either side theContinue reading “Trespassers will be prosecuted”