I am the dusk

I am the duskthen it will be darkfiery ball coolsweary of the scorching daysliding down rapidlypulling the rays downpausing briefly at the rimJust for one last look at its creationbefore it is nightlast stroke of golden brushpaints the sky crimsonI am the duskslowly turning darklast rays lingers on my wingswarming it, to be aliveit noContinue reading “I am the dusk”

Behind the blinding Glow

He is a performerputs up a showhe is a starturns up the glow there he shoots upblazes the skybursting openinto millions, up high the blaze is blindinghe is the light there is no darknessin the smile so bright Show’s overeveryone’s happythe tickets are strewnthe place looks crappy The mask is peeledgrin stays pastedthe night isContinue reading “Behind the blinding Glow”