जिंदगी की कहानी

मिला उन सबसेमेरी यादें हैं जोहर लम्हों कि महक महसूस कर ली ऐसा लगा जिंदगी फिर जी ली हंसी के पल ठहाके लगा कर जी लिए फिर खुराफात के मौके ढूँढ लिए फिर बचपन कि बेचैन दस्तक सुन ली गले लगा के धड़कनों को पहचान लिया उनकी खुशबु का असर देर तक महसूस किया कभीContinue reading “जिंदगी की कहानी”

Underneath the starry sky

Underneath the starry skyIts lonely They are so manyand its only me Do they seeThe twinkle in my eye? Or can they seethe cleverly concealed lie? Merrily they stand and watchTransfixed in their velvety black domeUnable themselves, yet mocking Hoping I wouldn’t save my self on my own Dawn is breakingIts the end of thierContinue reading “Underneath the starry sky”

Right now I have this day to finish

Each box tickedWhew!! the work is done. the day draws to an endand we count it as one. Rising again with the sunUnwilling to start the next countYet eager to finishing this oneboxes to be ticked, once again mount Each count ends in a week, quitely into a month, the week creptI celeberate the birthContinue reading “Right now I have this day to finish”

I am happy, I live life

The sun sets I look back What did I do today? I lived a life … I am happy!!! Is that what I do? I seek an answer But that’s not the question It is not what I do It is what I am!!! The dawn breaks Its a new day What will I doContinue reading “I am happy, I live life”

The taste of the moment

The skillet of cast iron Harness the heat ingredient blend in proportion spices sinking deep Each bit done for the craving mouth nothing goes waste expressed on the grateful tongue That we know as the taste Taste lies not in the fire That heats Nor in the skillet That suffers the heat Nor in theContinue reading “The taste of the moment”

Amma (mother)

For her, life is people, In her priorities She comes last Her heart does the thinking, She feels for all, Her own feelings come last Her memories are us Her messages, sometime remind us to remember Her ownself?? she forgets fast She rolls the laddus and bakes the cake Each one’s likings comes first HerContinue reading “Amma (mother)”