Who does it belong to (कौन है मालिक)

ड्रॉइंग रूम में सजी हर चीज़ जो किसी कारीगर की नायाब कारीगरी थी जिसे मजबूर हो कर बेचा गया था जो कभी दुकान के कोने में धूल से लथपथ अपने गले में अपनी क़ीमत लटकाए बेज़ुबान पड़े थे आज मेरे घर की रौनक़ है मोल दिया है अब वो सब मेरे हैं शायद ये एहसासContinue reading “Who does it belong to (कौन है मालिक)”

The Sixth string Analogy

I have devised a simple analogy based on the sixth string football matches played in the training academies to explain the daily working of the organisation. It explains the complex working and allows one to maintain sanity. Sharing it for the greater good. Sixth String is an elite group which is formed based on aContinue reading “The Sixth string Analogy”

I see it clear

On the 6th floor the blind rolls up with a whir. Turbulence and calm, converse in silence with a drunken slur. The glass fights the noise and wins Allowing private space for the divergent twins Flashes of lights leave a trail on the busy arrow of time Reminder of the many scars as the faceContinue reading “I see it clear”